Why Community Radio as a Project of the Firehouse Cultural Center?

Community radio stations contribute to stronger communities by:

  • Encouraging community dialogue and communication.
  • Exploring and informing on topics, issues and concerns of interest and relevance to the local community
  • Giving voice to members of the community 
  • Providing opportunity to actively participate in the media

Community radio responds to the community and can be of and by the community.

As a project of the Firehouse Cultural Center, WPHX can:

  • Provide virtual and physical community space for sharing, learning, exploring
  • Connect community organizations, services and opportunities to area people to promote an informed, engaged, connected—and entertained Southshore area
  • Feature stories of area interest to preserve the important cultural history of our community, extending the Arts, Cultural and Educational programming to the airwaves and featuring area people and projects
  • Engage community to participate in, learn and create their own media for broadcast
  • Provide access to what is currently not available in the area
  • Support and produce programming that explores what community radio can do