Propose Your Own Show

WPHX thrives and grows with your help! We are interested in new shows that interest you, whether you simply have an idea that you’d like to see developed or you would like to produce and appear in your own radio program.

Our mission is to provide a link to the community and beyond, providing a variety of arts, music, education and information programming that connects people to each other, to ideas, experiences and resources. Programming is created by the community and our goal is to deliver a diverse mixture that:

  • entertains and educates our community’s arts, musical, literary and cultural interests;
  • inspires action-oriented listeners who seek civic improvement and fresh visions for SouthShore;
  • nurtures ongoing dialogues across diverse cultures and viewpoints; and,
  • fosters collaboration for community support and enhancement.

Submission and Selection and Scheduling Process

To submit a proposal for review, complete our proposal form WPHX On Air Program Application and submit it to the Programming Committee via mail, email or in-person at the Firehouse Cultural Center. Our volunteer programming committee chair will confirm that your proposal was received and will share your application with the committee, which meets to review all proposals on a monthly basis. After meeting, they may request that you modify the proposal or invite you to an in-person meeting to further discuss your idea. Through this process, the goal is to arrive at a show proposal that fits the mission of WPHX.

Once your application is approved, you will be asked to submit a “pilot” sample program, which will later serve as your initial episode. Once the show meets final approval, four full-length episodes will need to be produced before the show can be scheduled into a time slot. When your show begins airing, you will be expected to continue producing new episodes on a regular schedule so that we have your show at least 10 days prior to airdate. Batch production is encouraged to save time!

Show Host Guidelines

  • Indicate your commitment to this station (and the idea that non-profit community radio should flourish) by becoming a member of the station.
  • This is a volunteer-run station. Show hosts don’t get paid. But we do have a lot of fun together!
  • Having a show is a responsibility. Shows must be produced on time and be of high quality.
  • Our shows are all prerecorded. If you are not sure how to go about recording a show, our volunteer staff can provide some guidance, but getting the show prepared will be your responsibility.
  • WPHX seeks unique programming otherwise unavailable in the area. Your show proposal should articulate how the program will distinguish itself from other local shows on this station and elsewhere on the dial.
  • Individuals proposing programs should understand how their program brings something different to the SouthShore airwaves and fits into the mission of the community radio station.
  • Shows are typically 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours in length, and are typically run once-a-week. But we welcome unique proposals that are exceptions to this rule: for example, we would welcome a daily-produced 5-minute “cultural calendar” to be run a few times each day.
  • Programming candidates should plan ahead. There are 52 weeks in a year. Hosting a radio program requires a lot of work and much preparation. It is easier to start with a 30-minute slot to get used to the amount of work involved, and then expand to a longer time slot when you are prepared to do so.
  • All show hosts and DJs are considered ambassadors of WPHX and must display professional and polite behavior when performing duties in WPHX studios and interacting with the public on behalf of WPHX.
  • Show hosts and DJs will be expected to help support fundraising for WPHX by seeking potential underwriters for their program, participating in on-air fund-drives, and/or being present at WPHX fundraising events and public functions. We need your help to make this station a success!
  • WPHX’s broadcast license is noncommercial. Prospective programmers should disclose conflicts of interest during the proposal process. Shows focused on promoting one’s products, record label, books, etc. will not be considered. Your show should be a labor of love without financial gain to you or others.

WPHX seeks to provide and host an open community space on the air. Calm conversation and discussion or debate on wide-ranging topics is acceptable, as is a range of arts, cultural and educational content. Dogmatic preaching is not. Political or religious programming is not permitted under our Arts & Culture license from the Federal Communications Commission.

Would You Like to Produce Your Own Radio Program?

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