WPHX 101.9FM is a non-profit, non-commercial Community Radio Station supported by donor contributions. Donating to the station is also referred to as “underwriting.”  When your business chooses to underwrite WPHX, we are happy to acknowledge your support through on-air announcements. These on air-announcements or “spots” are not considered traditional advertising; in fact there are very strict guidelines issued by the FCC and IRS for such announcements (see below).

Why Become an Underwriter

Underwriting enhances your image as a participant in and proud supporter of WPHX in it’s efforts to serve our community with informative and inspiring programming. It’s a small commitment with a large impact. And there are several ways to get involved. You can choose to have WPHX run a series of grateful “thank you” announcements on the air in a rotating schedule or you may wish to sponsor one of the several interesting programs or specials on the air.

If you would like to learn more about underwriting opportunities with WPHX, contact us. We’re sure to have a plan that will best benefit your business, and your underwriting is 100% tax-deductible.


Underwriting announcements may only contain factual information, including the name of the business, location, address, phone number, days and hours of operation, website and contact information. Bona fide non-promotional brand slogans that are in well-established use by your business may be included. An experienced Underwriting Volunteer at WPHX can help you navigate this somewhat restrictive space.


Because WPHX is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission we are restricted in what we can and cannot say on the air. This includes acknowledgement announcements. Remember, these are acknowledgements of your generous support of WPHX… they are not commercials.

Here are some of the guidelines stipulated by the FCC and IRS:

  • Announcements may not contain an inducement to buy, sell, rent, or lease
  • Announcements may not contain prices, including fees
  • Announcements may not be for commercial purposes. If it involves money or measurable benefit the recipient must have 501(c)(3) status
  • Announcements may not contain comparative or qualitative language (The best in Ruskin).
  • Announcements may not contain a “call to action,” such as “Best sure to attend” or “Hurry in today.”

Example: Acceptable

  • Harriet’s Flowers is a proud sponsor of The Jefferson Hours on WPHX.
  • Harriet’s Flowers has been serving the SouthShore area for three generations. For weddings, birthdays, funerals or any special occasion keep Harriet’s Flowers in mind and let their experienced staff help you select the perfect gift. Harriet’s Flowers is located at 226 College Ave., West, close to US 41. Their phone number is 645-1525.

Example: Unacceptable

  • If you’re looking for flowers or gifts for that “special occasion”…nobody creates and designs beautiful floral arrangements better than Harriet’s Flowers! Imagine, a dozen beautiful red roses for only $19.99…that’s right $19.99…that’s their everyday special price. Hurry in today and let one of Harriet’s Flowers experienced designers work with you to create the prefect gift. Why not call today…645-1525, that’s 645-1525. Call now!

Again, our volunteers are available to help you navigate this process. They will ease you through it and make sure your business is sending the right message.


There are several ways you can be an underwriter to WPHX. Many supporters choose to run a series of brief acknowledgements that air throughout the broadcast day in a rotating schedule for the best exposure. Others choose to sponsor a particular program or special on the station. This method ties your business directly to the program and affords you an announcement at the opening and closing of the program plus acknowledgements during the program (some programs do not allow this). In addition your business will receive and acknowledgement during promotional announcements through the broadcast day promoting the program.

Example – What would Thomas Jefferson do? This intriguing question will be answered Saturday afternoon at 2 when WPHX presents The Jefferson Hour brought you every week by Harriet’s Flowers in Ruskin, serving the SouthShore area for three generations with creative floral designs.

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